Goyo García Viadero

The best way to savor Ribera del Duero and Cantabria

We are winegrowers with our own vineyard and winery where we make our wines

Experience the return of aromas, flavors and smells forgotten and obscured by fashion factors such as wood, enzymes, qualified yeasts and preservatives, and immerse yourself in the wines selected thanks to our research.

Our vineyards

Learn about the peculiarities of the origin of our wines given by their location thanks to the peculiarities of the soil, altitude, age of the vineyard and type of grape present in Ribera del Duero and Cantabria, and enjoy savoring the result of the production of high quality wines

Our winery

Discover some wines that receive the peace they need to grow up in an absolutely natural way, in this impressive stone openwork excavated in the subsoil of our aging cellar in Gumiel de Mercado, and that enhances the already extraordinary flavors of origin

Experiencias de vino


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