Our vineyards

Where we grow our grapes is as important as the varieties

Unique vineyards, the origin of exclusive wines

We put into practice our philosophy, learning day by day. Our wines come from our vineyards, they are wines that originate at each plot, each one with its own features regarding soil, altitude, vine age and grape variety, and of course, with their own indigenous yeasts.

We only apply volcanic sulphur and sprayed copper to our vineyards in order to obtain a touch of freshness and acidity which in turn provides singularity and greater complexity.

vinedo ribera del duero

Ribera del Duero

The way we take care of our land makes all the difference

Our vineyards are located in one of the highest regions of Ribera del Duero, in the Burgos province.

They are scattered around various villages. The vines ages in each plot vary and from each one of them we make a unique wine.

Our Malvasía grapes provide our wines with a unique combination of intense pleasure-provoking qualities to those who taste it. It features deep and sweet scents and a high alcohol grade. This grape also displays and amazing aging potential during the delicate and complex wine-making process.

The wine we obtain from our Albillo grapes is undoubtedly another favorite. It ages beautifully in French oak barrels, resulting in a very special wine with a distinct aroma and lightweight body, capable of stealing any wine-lover’s heart

vinedo ribera del duero el peruco

El Peruco

Anguíx, Burgos (900m)

vinedo ribera del duero joven de vinas viejas

Joven de Viñas Viejas

La Aguilera, Bugos (880m)

vinedo ribera del duero el peruco

García Georgieva Albillo

Zazuar, Burgos (839m)

Uvas Los Quemados


Olmedillo de Roa, Burgos (860m)

vinedo ribera del duero garcia georgieva graciano

García Georgieva Graciano

La Aguilera, Burgos (880m)

vinedo ribera del duero garcia georgieva malvasia

García Georgieva Malvasía

Zazuar, Burgos (839m)

Uvas Los Quemados

Viñas de Arcilla

Anguix, Burgos (810m)

vinedo ribera del duero los quemados y los quemados clarete

Los Quemados y Los Quemados Clarete

Villanueva de Gumiel, Burgos (900m)

vinedo ribera del duero ggv reserva especial

GGV Reserva Especial


vinedo cantabria


The Endless Wine Growing region of Cantabria

Bordering with Asturias, in the heart of Picos de Europa mountain range but less than 30 km away from the sea, back in 2005 we started a newand exciting wine-growing adventure with the only purpose of delivering joy to the palates of wine-lovers all around the world.

This wine love story started by bringing back to life a-hundred-year-old vineyards of Mencía and Palomino Fino.

The Mencía grape has been grown in the north-east corner of the Iberian Peninsula since ancient Rome times. It allows us to produce aromatic and fruity wines, with deep dark colors, wines that are suited for every occasion bringing pleasure to all. Our Mencía reds are made with the utmost care, love and attention. They shine bright thanks to their velvety touch and their excellent aging potential.

Our Mencía grape combined with the white Palomino Fino offers the possibility of enjoying the delicacy of a pale and fine wine, with a sweet touch and beautifully floral aromas that will transport you directly to our vineyards.

vinedo cantabria beatum blanco

Beâtum Blanco

Pumareña, Cantabria (440m)

Viñedo Cantabria Beâtum Tinto

Beâtum Tinto

Pumareña, Cantabria (650m)

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