A unique location in which to age the best wine

Humidity, temperature and a wonderful environment to achieve a special conservation

When our grapes reach our winery we carry out an extremely thorough selection of the best berries as not all of them are suited to meet our quality standards.

Very important too, we manipulate them as little as possible because it is our confessed obsession that each wine depicts the plot it originated in, and that the flavour of each bottle becomes its true representation.

Elaboración de Vino en la Bodega

The Winery

We are true advocates of traditional winemaking

Hence we make our Ribera del Duero and Cantabria wines like they used to in the old days, before the invasion of technology.

We strongly believe our wines come from each individual vineyard and the plot. Therefore, the only thing we need to do in the winery – which we do with the utmost care and passion- is allow each vineyard, each plot, to find its full potential in our exclusive wine selection thus truly expressing its freshness and richness.

Escalera a la bodega de crianza

The underground stone celler

Acquiring wisdom

Our wines enjoy the peace they need to age naturally, in this spectacular stone celler, dug underneath the ground of our celler in Gumiel del Mercado.

They slowly acquire its full flavor potential allowing them to display a distinct personality with complex and singular aromas.

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